Bhavna Gordon

Bhavna is our pocket rocket, our petite petticoat of power, our driver of results in her chosen world of property management. Hailing from a previous career dealing with Tradesmen, contractors, building construction types and with people of all ethnicities, properties and challenges are the meat in Bhavnas’ daily sandwich – all digested with an experienced ease.

A Kiwi born Mum of 2 beautiful young girls, Bhavna is a unique individual who shares a common goal that all property investors share in that she is always looking for the ‘zero’ downside (no rent arrears) and a huge upside (increased property values) as a result of a keen eye on accuracy in property inspections and preventative maintenance planning. A rare treasure in an otherwise stereotypical industry, Bhavnas’ personality shines at a luminosity reminiscent of Haleys’ Comet – an infectious enthusiasm from an interstellar world.

Speed, pace, drive, accuracy & fun are all attributes that describe this wonderful woman both at the office and when relaxing – and if you get her talking about her after hours passion – Motorsport – you will really ignite an explosion of enthusiasm that perhaps you both may share.