Helen Keoghan

Senior Property Manager

Helen is our power house of energy and empowerment where slow is not a word in her vocabulary or life.  Moving at pace, getting tasks done and leading from the front is her modus operandi, hard-wired in her soul where no other gear exists other than hyper-drive.

With over 15 years of dedicated experience and over 6 years with our company, she is an absolute asset to her clients, tenants, our company and industry. Often sought out for her advice and guidance by others within the industry she is a true beacon of light to guide others in her exciting property management role.

Collecting numerous performance awards and well known in the industry for outstanding performance and results she is consistently pursued by existing and new clients to care for their investment properties knowing with absolute certainty that they are in the safe hands.

A keen traveler, often with Hawaii as a key relaxation destination she thoroughly rewards herself with these annual breaks and deservedly so given the massive commitment she extends to all who she interacts with.

Helen is an absolutely lovely woman, a real pleasure to work with and to have representing our company and her valued clients.