Les Hoverd

Managing Director

Captain of the team and his own Power Launch (one day!), Les is the master of marketing, sensei of strategy, luminary of technology & commander of innovation keeping Hoverd & Co Property Management Ltd on the forefront of property management Auckland wide.  Les Hoverd commands the development efforts at Hoverd & Co Property Management Ltd with full authority, handling primary company development and strategic decision-making surrounding that epic job. His extensive experience in the real estate and property management industry allows him to not only seamlessly support our dynamic team but also to come up with elegant and scalable applications focused on client service enhancements that create the company raving fans for the future.  Les is keen on taking high-level concepts and creating accessible solutions that are right for our clients’ properties and budget. He is tirelessly exploring and absorbing information on the newest of technologies to keep Hoverd & Co Property Management Ltd ahead of not just this curve, but the next one. When he is not flexing his brain muscles at work, Les is working on hundreds of other projects in and around his house, hanging out with his beautiful wife Bev, his two dogs, cat and 3 sons and dreaming up ways to make Hoverd & Co Property Management Ltd bigger and better for the benefit of all