Sue Steel

Senior Property Manager

Sue is Hoverd & Co’s Queen of Quality. Hyper focused on systems and details for her Clients
Sue has experience extraordinaire in many facets of commercial endeavours. Maintaining a firm focus on the quality of service delivery is paramount in her psyche to ensure that her self set performance goals of excellence and superb experiences for her clients are felt to the core.
Sue’s background in commerce also helps keep all lines of communication with clients clear while handling portfolio management and other operational tasks. Sue ensures all projects remain on track, goals are met and most importantly, her clients are super happy.
She welcomes a good challenge and always keeps her eyes open for opportunities to learn, grow and enhance the way that we do things, creating an environment where excellence is now the norm. When Sue isn’t devoting her time to rigidly enforcing company policies at Hoverd & Co, she can be found creating new masterpieces in the multitude of cake tins in her own kitchen – something the whole team are ever so grateful for.