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Terms and Conditions

I/we the applicant/s do solemnly declare that the informaton provided is true and correct and has been supplied by me/us as applicants. I/we the applicant/s understand that you, as the agent (RER and or any of its representatives) have collected this information for the specific purpose of checking identification, character, credit worthiness and determining if the applicant/s will be a suitable tenant for the property. t is agreed that acceptance of this application is subject to a satisfactory report as to the applicants credit worthiness. I understand that you as the agent are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and authority is hereby given to the agent (RER and/or any of its representatives) to check credit references, employment details, previous rental references, database agencies, personal references and any other searches which may verify the information provided by me. I also authorise the agent to give information to the owner of the property, credit providers, insurance providers, her agents, salespeople, database agencies, references named in this application or any other third party who would have a beneficial interest relating to a tenancy matter and understand this can include information about my tenancy, credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity. Once a tenanto the tenant agrees that should they fail to comply with their obligations under the agreement, the failure to comply may be disclosed to third party operators of tenant default registry agents and or other agents.

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