Innovating Since 2008

Who we Are?

We’d like to think we’ve put together something pretty special here at Hoverd & Co Property Management – A Dynamic team of property managers, opinionators, administrators with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration and doing great work.

Meet Our Team

Property Management – Done Right – First time !

Your dedicated property management team

Hoverd and Co Property management  is a team of dedicated professionals who are totally 100% committed to providing a superb Property Management service throughout the greater Auckland region.

Property Investment, from Hoverd and Co Property Management clients’ perspective is all about removing the hassle from owning residential investment properties, dealing with new government legislation as and when it is introduced & also maximising the returns that you receive from your properties.

Our Ninja Code

What We Do Matters

When you partner with the right property management company, you can move mountains. A moment of change has unlimited potential for innovation and growth both inside and outside of a business. That’s why when we take on a new client, we aren’t just working to impact the lives of our clients, but also the lives of their customers/tenants.

We Make the Difference

Our clients love us because they can count on us. Whatever the need is, big or small, simple or complex, we pride ourselves on being a creative Property Management company that exceeds expectations, bends time, and saves the day. Because when it’s all said and done, we’re not satisfied unless our client is amazed at the service they receive.

Our Code to Greatness

Collaborate to Achieve Greatness

We’re an all-star team, but we also recognise that nobody can do it alone. As a specialist Property Management Company we’re committed to bringing our best effort to every client, property and tenant, and we rely on our teammates to do exactly the same. Together, we can achieve things that are so much more than the sum of its parts.

Smashing it – daily !

Always Be Communicating

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We believe that the best way to bring new ideas into the world is through communication, exploration, and constantly challenging the status quo. As a Property Management Company that solely specialise in client service, we create things together, we solve problems together, and we celebrate our victories together.

It’s mine, mine, mine !

Let Your Work Speak for Itself

Treat every property like it’s your own, because it is! We don’t believe in going through the motions — we put our heart and soul into everything we touch. When a property management company stands behind what they deliver and takes pride in everything they do, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

Hai ya !

Be Fearless

Routine is the friend of service excellence – so too are robust proven systems. To consistently challenge innovation and “how things are always done”, you have to constantly question and confront the status quo. As a Property Management Company, we believe in learning the rules of process excellence — then working every day to find new and exciting ways to break them!

Our Ninja Code is here to stay !

Never Back Down

Every property has value, especially the ones that need the most care and attention. Hoverd & Co Property Management have always believed that the best properties are the ones that are worth fighting for. We never back down from a challenge — in fact, we seek them out! Because we know that’s where the most potential for greatness lies.

Hitting the Strike Zone

Plan Ahead

When we take on a new property, it’s life has just begun. That’s why we always think ahead and envision how a property will perform in all the various places it will end up in the real world. We don’t plan things just for our own company — we plan them for everyone who’s going to benefit from them in the future. Is there an angle, a twist that will yield a higher return with minimal capital investment? If there is then lets seek out the path to greatness for the property and plan its implementation.

Trust me – I’m a Property Manager

Work With Integrity

The flipside of trust is accountability. We’re able to deliver amazing things as a property management team because we’re all committed to bringing our best effort and holding each other to the pledges we make. Our openness to criticism lets us solve problems and constantly improve our processes. Difficult at times this may be, but absolutely of value long term.

Authentic Honours

Our Harcourts Awards
Recognition for excellence achieved is a milestone that every company should celebrate – and at Harcourts Hoverd & Co we celebrate for success and culture. Our amazing team is one of a kind in an often-turbulent industry – where stability and routine are critical for the management of service excellence.

Honours & Accolades

Our Awards

Pushing the standards for service delivery is a benchmark and source of pride for us all. 
Here’s what we’re most proud of:
2018 – Top National Office for Organic Growth – Harcourts Northern Region
2018 – 2nd Place for Organic Growth – Harcourts Nationally
2019 – 3rd Place for Organic Growth – Harcourts Nationally
2020 – Helen Keoghan – Highest Performance Award – Harcourts Hoverd & Co Company award